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The Legend´s End: Day 28

Today I started implementing a Matinee in my level. First I made a Mtinee where you can see two energy balls.

Then I added a partcile effect to the event.

The last thing I did was making a Matinee for the enemy of the game named Frintuhor.




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The Legend´s End: Day 27

Today I continued scripting the event. I implented a special in the event. This sounds much better.

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The Legend´s End: Day 26

The first thing I did today was fixing the sword bug.

After that I scripted the first event which should happen when the player touches Frinssword.



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The Legend´s End: Day 25

Today I concentrated on making a more atmospheric level. So I made a thunderstorm with the help of a PointLight and Kismet. Here a picture:

And here a picture of the Kismet-code:


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The Legend´s End: Day 24

I think that everybody knows that. You try to make an awesome feature for your game but your software don´t allow you to do that. I had the same thing today. It was a mad bug. First of all the spawned sword was much too short. Second: When i picked it up it disappeared. And finally the player hold the sword at the blade and not at the hilt. Unfortunately I wasn´t able to “kill” that bug today.

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The Legend´s End: Day 23

Today I started with making the sword a real weapon in the game. To do that I modified the original model and applied a bone to it. This is necessary for a weapon model.

Then I imported it to the UDK and setup sockets. They´re (normally) required foreach weapon . After that I tried to make a simple weapon script but I couldn´t finish this task today.


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The Legend´s End: Day 22

As promised, I finished the sword today. I textured it with a texture by myself. You may think that the sword I made before looked better but this is a fault of the Blender Renderer (okay I forgot to make a material for render view). In the UDK the sword looks much better.

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