The Legend´s End: New Gameplay Trailer

I told you that I didn´t liked my old gameplay so I replaced it. Here is a new trailer which covers almost all of the planned gameplay. Please comment!

“This is a very early gameplay trailer of my game The Legend´s End. The game will take place in a fantasy world and is much inspired by Shadow of the Colossous, Zelda and Sword and Sworcery. The hero has to kill ten guardians and absorb their power to free the world from a horrible curse. I´m not very far in development now, so feedback would be great. Of course this gameplay is not final and I willl add my own character and I will try to replace the UDK models by my own. The whole game is made with the UDK and Blender. If you have problems understanding what is happening in the trailer here a description: 1. The hero walks on a hill. He jumps down and he lands in an arena. He moves towards the sword which is covered by a metallic sphere. 2. The sword wakes up and transforms into a blue energy sphere. 3. The energy ball charges an attack. While that another energy sphere warps around the field and the hero tries to destroy it. He is hit one time by the charged attack. 4. The energy ball let a big rotating thing appear. When the hero collides with it he loses energy. While that other energy sphere are moving around and the player tries to destroy these.”

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