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Site Changes

For news related to The Legend´s End please take a look on our IndieDB page. We are posting all relevant news there because we haven´t enough time to post it on this blog too. Enjoy!


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Colors of Danger

While the weekend I had an idea for a very small and simple shooter. I don´t know exactly why I started such a project because I don´t like 08/15 games. The game should take place in a skyscraper in which are terrorists or something. As you can see the game seem to be something very special. After working 3 days on that I decided to cancel it because I had no fun while making it. This of course is better for The Legend´s End because I had a little pause of it and I can concentrate now fully on it. Tomorrow I´ll continue developing TLE. But I wanted your opinion on my project so I´ll share a few screens with you.









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The Legend´s End: Day 36

Today I began with modelling the pillars. This wasn´t really hard, so I´ll skip this. The pillars as you see them now are just placeholders for pillars with much more polys. At last I added a few trigger to expand the combat a little bit.

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The Legend´s End: Day 28

Today I started implementing a Matinee in my level. First I made a Mtinee where you can see two energy balls.

Then I added a partcile effect to the event.

The last thing I did was making a Matinee for the enemy of the game named Frintuhor.



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The Legend´s End: Day 27

Today I continued scripting the event. I implented a special in the event. This sounds much better.

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The Legend´s End: Day 26

The first thing I did today was fixing the sword bug.

After that I scripted the first event which should happen when the player touches Frinssword.



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The Legend´s End: Day 25

Today I concentrated on making a more atmospheric level. So I made a thunderstorm with the help of a PointLight and Kismet. Here a picture:

And here a picture of the Kismet-code:


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