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The Legend´s End: Gameplay Video

Today I made a gameplay video. I want to get more feedback so I posted it  on YouTube , too. So here is the vid:

“This is the gameplay of a level made by me with the UDK. It features a boss fight against a magic sword. The boss fight is split into 3 parts (for now but I´m making more) where the player has to change his tactics to defeat the enemy. I´m developing the game right now so I would be happy for any feedback.”



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The Legend´s End: Day 46

Today I started wth the third phase. The ring of the boss will go to the ground and hunt the player. For now there is not much code.

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The Legend´s End: Day 44

Today I coded along with the second phase. There are plenty bugs in this part. After that I added a few graphics.


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The Legend´s End: Day 42 & 43

I´ve decided to make a game which looks really good. So I worked a little bit over the graphics. Because words can never explain it so good here the pictures:


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The Legend´s End: Day 41

Today I coded a big part of the second phase. A huge energy ball is appearing at random locations and hurts the player. Because the model don´t looks very nice I will change it soon.


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